Writer Bios

Brain trust I, head writer, web master

Eisenhower ‘Ike’ Hill is a high altitude native of Colorado Springs. After extensive blackouts, he now runs guns to fuel the Missouri Border Wars near Kansas City, Mo. He is fully credited for the theory of “complete a sentence, and take a shot of whiskey.” In his spare time, which is a lot, he enjoys dressing as a Catholic priest and hearing the confessions of hot chicks.

Brain trust II, editor, writer, graphic designs

LaToya (GfV) is a free-lance drinker and writer. A native of New Jersey, she got hammered in Hoboken a few years back and woke up in Kansas City tied to the passenger seat of a ’77 El Dorado with Ed Asner, wearing nothing but the hand puppet Lambchop. Now a resident of Kansas., Prater indulges her overwhelming addiction to editing other people’s crappy work to earn a paycheck and spends the rest of her time focusing on her three dearest passions: Warming bar stools, teaching third world countries how to properly enjoy the Harry Potter books and acting (Japanese balloon fetish porn).

Science expert, booze flounder

Finnegan Schall has great hair. He is perhaps most famous as Rasputin’s decadent love child, with a day job as a mad scientist (while not crazy per se, his antagonistic feelings toward farm animals is considered by some to be deviant). He works a promising night time career in the male stripping industry, and is currently negotiating a lucrative stripping contract with Paris Hilton’s lawyers. His drinking credentials include: Out drinking the Russian, German, Irish, and Australian teams at the International Tag Team Drinking Championship (with the help of Ike Hill). Most famous quote: “Hey that’s my shoe, it’s full of booze, and what’s your name lover?”