The One Second Ad

ike 1:56 pm

I tried to watch all the Superbowl ads this year, but some how, one of my favorite beers got past me?!?!? Enjoy the Champagne of Beers ad.

Innovative Beer Glass

ike 12:20 pm

I want to buy one just to see if I can cram a bottle into it!


Today We BLOG!

ike 8:57 am

From now on daily updates will be attempted. Bar reviews, music reviews, belated movie reviews, insane rants, and the occasional alcohol induced video will now be part of the lineup!

To you I say, “Good Day Sir!”

O’Dowd’s – Revenge of Zona Rosa

gfv 3:03 pm

8600 NW Prarie Drive
Kansas City, Mo.

Step in here and you are NOT in Ireland. You are in Zona Rosa, a mega-vanilla shopping complex in the northland. This O’Dowd’s is good, it just doesn’t have the same character as the Plaza location. However, they carry a similar menu and the same Irish favorites on tap. Although I don’t know about these words all together on a menu: “Authentic Irish Wontons”.

HEAT – Best Man-Moment ever! (1995)

ike 10:14 am


NO! You dirty minded women and non-woman wanting men, this BEST MAN-MOMENT is the Greatest movie shootout ever captured on film. Beginning at precisely Chapter 32, a.k.a. 1:46 and exactly thirty-four seconds into the movie, the most amazing fully-automatic gun battle erupts!

This scene is best used to stop loud mouthed neighbors from fighting in the middle of the night.  Cue up Chapter 32 on the DVD, crank up your wall shaking BAD ASS sound system, sit peacefully in your lazy-boy, press play, and terrify every living soul in your community.