Your Mom’s House

ike 1:26 pm

She broke out the Prince albums and started talking naughty. What can I say?


Your Dad’s Trailer

ike 1:25 pm

He’s got the best damn feather boa collection I’ve ever seen. He also has Erasure remixes you can’t find ANYWHERE. He’s fabulous, and everyone loves his Queer Eye marathon parties. Bottomless Cosmopolitans for everyone!


The Daily Limit

ike 5:32 pm

523 NE 111th St
(816) 942-0400

Only I could find a little gem like this buried in that ancient strip mall
behind the McDonald’s at Red Bridge Road and Holmes. I looked at that
strip mall and thought, “now there’s just GOT to be a bar in there.” And
this is it. Daily Limit is your typical dark & smoky sports bar. It’s
pretty roomy, with good bar food and lunch menu and super friendly staff.


ike 5:30 pm

1627 Oak St
(816) 472-4400

This is a BRAND NEW MARTINI BAR, in case you didn’t think KC had enough of
THOSE springing up, right behind the Kansas City Star. Perhaps if Star
personnel having some liquid lunches at Madrigall, the quality of the
paper will improve. It’s so new it was under construction last time I went
in, but I forced the owner to get behind the bar and serve my ass a drink
anyway. Fortunately, it was happy hour, which meant $5 martinis and
complimentary appetizers until 6.