Westport Flea Market

gfv 2:25 pm

817 Westport Road
Kansas City, Mo.

Good fun (including darts and pinball), good food, beer a plenty and if for any reason you’ve been wanting to drop acid and don’t have the money or the connections, stare really hard at the flea market booth contents. You’ll get much the same tripped-out effect. Can you believe they almost replaced this Westport staple with a Hooters? Thank God that fell through.

Westport Beach Club

gfv 2:24 pm

4050 Pennsylvania Ave.
Kansas City, Mo.

This is a terrible winter hot spot, but the summer is another story. Hot people playing volley ball in swimming attire while you drink on a deck and think you’re on an island somewhere (until you see all the filthy people shuffling up and down Pennsylvania Ave. and remember you’re in KC).

Twin City Tavern Bar & Grill

gfv 1:30 pm

1815 Westport Rd
Kansas City, Mo.

This is a regular hotspot on Saturday afternoons for a couple reasons: great cheap food, $1 domestic draws, and where else could you meet a sixty-year-old claiming to be the “fastest man in Oklahoma” or a guy proclaiming that he used to be Nick “the kick” Lowry’s coke buddy? The place has character written all over it. (thanks to Matt M.)

The Record Bar (formerly Molloy Bros.)

gfv 1:15 pm

1020 Westport Road
Kansas City, Mo.

If you’re really, really into music, especially the local music scene, don’t miss your chance to hit this place before it turns into something else. It still looks about the same as Molloy Brothers, with some new décor on the walls and better bands playing just about every night. They also serve food, although it’s dead until about 10 or so. And while you may spot some people who are actually important in Kansas City’s local music scene hanging out here, they are far
outnumbered by the 19-year-old posers with too-tight 70s-style shirts
and ridiculous hair. When we asked the bartender what the ratio of CO2
to nitrogen was in the tap beer he regaled us with his knowledge and
finesse: “I don’t know and I if I don’t know it, it ain’t worth knowin’.”

Mike Kelly’s Westsider

gfv 7:40 pm

1515 Westport Rd.
Kansas City, Mo.

It used to be Kiki’s Bon Ton, so I’m told. Anyway, it’s now a regular neighborhood bar for all the freaks and geeks that live on the blocks off Westport Road. Thursday nights are the big night here, with live music and people that don’t want to talk to you. Well, they didn’t want to talk to me, anyway.

McCoy’s Public House & Brewkitchen

gfv 7:37 pm

4057 Pennsylvania Avenue
Kansas City, Mo.

Conveniently located in the Mecca of the Kansas City bar scene,
McCoy’s has excellent food and their own brews which are usually very good. Sunday mornings feature mimosa and bloody mary specials.


ike 1:10 pm

500 Westport Road
Kansas City, Mo.

If you’re looking for an archaeological dig in Kansas City, this is the place to find some really cool dinosaurs. All the stanchions of ancient Westport are still alive and drinking here. Makes for a great neighborhood crowd in the daytime, but it’s still a hip place on Friday and Saturday nights. You can get Boulevard cheap, and they have Ms. Pac Man and a pizza place inside. Not to mention, Mark is the nicest damn bartender EVER.


ike 1:03 pm

Westport Road, across from Buzzard Beach

Hopefully, you don’t believe in it. Because you will be tortured for years if you go here. In the heart of Westport and sucking all that’s good right out of it, Karma is a pseudo-trendy nightmare taking up space until Johnny Dare gets approved for his next loan. Bon Jovi videos, anyone? I’d love to expound on the specials, but I didn’t come across any.

The Hurricane

ike 12:17 pm

4048 Broadway Kansas City, Mo.

After I got stabbed at America’s Pub, I was shot here. Then they closed. Then they opened again and I couldn’t tell any difference. Known primarily for live music and featuring fast and loud local musicians, this place is fine and dandy if you get away before midnight or so. That’s usually when the shooting starts. They sell booze and cola, but everybody knows most of the coke is in the bathrooms.

Harry’s Bar and Tables

ike 12:08 pm

501 Westport Road
Kansas City, Mo.

It would be unfair of me not to mention this place, since I seem to pop in and out a lot. It ain’t cheap, but the atmosphere is cool, and the bartenders and wait staff really make an effort to get to know their customers and make you feel welcome. Also, they sell a variety of good smokes, cigars and starter vape kits.