Beer is the New Black!

gfv 12:24 pm


The lawsuit(s) are finally over, and while we didn’t exactly win, your loyal KCDrinker servants are back (reporting from the prison library computer once a month or whenever we get privileges). We continue to provide low-quality yet eerily accurate bar reviews, helping you restore the TRUTH about where to get hammered in Kansas City.

Hashing’s where it’s at

gfv 11:16 am

No, we’re not smoking pot. We’re part of the Kansas City Hash House Harriers and you should be too! We bill ourselves as a Drinking Club with a Running Problem:the perfect combination of exercise, social interaction and BEER. Some of us are runners (almost all of us are drinkers), but without much emphasis on speed. It may as well be “drinking club with a bi-pedal locomotion problem,” since many of our members walk rather than run. Check us out at or find us on Facebook.

Innovative Beer Glass

ike 12:20 pm

I want to buy one just to see if I can cram a bottle into it!


Today We BLOG!

ike 8:57 am

From now on daily updates will be attempted. Bar reviews, music reviews, belated movie reviews, insane rants, and the occasional alcohol induced video will now be part of the lineup!

To you I say, “Good Day Sir!”