gfv 2:17 pm

6820 W 105th St, Overland Park, KS

It is no accident that this club’s name is one letter away from “douche” and rhymes with “toupee.” Also known as the Midlife Crisis Institute, this place was always famed as a pickup joint for desperate 50 somethings. So imagine my shock when I went there on a random Saturday evening to enjoy a nice stiff Manhattan served with a side of snide comments and laughter at the expense of fashion-impaired cougars more info

and Hair Club for Men clients – and instead I saw a room packed with hip kids in their 20s (along with remnants of the 40-65 crowd). Guess it’s changed a little. The place is darker than Fred Phelps’ soul so as to make the pickup process smoother and more disastrous in the light of day the next morning. However, it’s really kind of swanky in a tacky way, and the drinks are excellent.

Your friend,
*may contain peanuts

The Red Balloon

gfv 1:18 pm

10325 W 75th St.
Overland Park, Kan.

“Klassy” with a “K,” the Red Balloon is tucked into a strip mall with a tattoo place and cheap Mexican take-out. The first time I stepped into The Red Balloon, I didn’t know what to say. So I sang instead. The Red Balloon is Kansas City’s only bar exclusively dedicated to karaoke seven days a week. If you hate bar fights, oversized quantities of light beer, and karaoke, don’t even think about setting your pretty little foot inside this place.
Read one man’s poignant story of the Red Balloon.

Raoul’s Velvet Room

gfv 3:25 pm

119th and Metcalf in Rosana Square
Overland Park, KS

Be careful. Just because it’s dark out and you see lots of people going in doesn’t mean there is anything going on here at all. In fact, it’s totally dullsville UNTIL 10 p.m. or so. It’s a martini bar in every way, full of Johnson County zombies ordering things like diet Coke and amaretto.

The Peanut III – Revenge of Johnson County

gfv 3:21 pm

9038 Metcalf (90th and Metcalf)
Overland Park, KS

It’s the Peanut, except kind of lame. For some strange reason, the Reubens aren’t as great here, but the wings are still freakishly Chernoble-esque in size. There is no way Peanut wings come from chickens. Let’s see. What has wings and is bigger than a chicken? I’m not sure. Maybe a turkey? Do they have wings? I’m stumped. But I digress.

Johnny’s Tavern

ike 12:49 pm

6765 West 119th Street
Overland Park, Kan.

The closest thing south Overland Park has to a neighborhood dive. This place is average in every way, and is a nice change from its snooty neighbors, patrons included. Watch all the Sprint employees tuck their I.D.s into their pockets as they enter. (special thanks to “g”)

Your Mom’s House

ike 1:26 pm

She broke out the Prince albums and started talking naughty. What can I say?


Your Dad’s Trailer

ike 1:25 pm

He’s got the best damn feather boa collection I’ve ever seen. He also has Erasure remixes you can’t find ANYWHERE. He’s fabulous, and everyone loves his Queer Eye marathon parties. Bottomless Cosmopolitans for everyone!