Charlie Hooper’s Brookside Bar

ike 9:29 am

12 W. 63rd, Kanas City, Mo.

Tired of the frat party at the Brooksider? Well it’s worse here. A nice, dark neighborhood bar and grill with outdoor seating at which you can enjoy your choice of international beers (they have, like, a hundred) and good appetizer specials at happy hour – but get there early. It gets ridiculously packed.

Brooksider Bar & Grill

ike 9:26 am

6330 Brookside Plz., Kansas City, Mo.

I had my first beer in Kansas City here. It used to be a great neighborhood bar with table top Ms. Pacman in the scary nether regions downstairs. Then it got popular and started playing Madonna remixes and it’s just not the same. The downstairs is now reserved for private parties, and…and…WHY GOD? WHY? IT WAS FINE THE WAY IT WAS. Newly remodeled back deck with full bar is nice, though.

Your Mom’s House

ike 1:26 pm

She broke out the Prince albums and started talking naughty. What can I say?


Your Dad’s Trailer

ike 1:25 pm

He’s got the best damn feather boa collection I’ve ever seen. He also has Erasure remixes you can’t find ANYWHERE. He’s fabulous, and everyone loves his Queer Eye marathon parties. Bottomless Cosmopolitans for everyone!