Freddy T’s

gfv 2:39 pm

2111 E Crossroads Ln Olathe, KS 66062
(913) 780-3900

When I stumbled into Freddy T’s (after a late night of rehashing the making of Gone with the Wind and eating shelled peanuts that had been individually washed and scrubbed), it was packed. A mostly middle-aged crowd, slumped over their beer listening to a mediocre cover band, comprised the majority of the patrons. Freddy T’s is like a college bar for people who have been out of college for more than 20 years, yet they clearly don’t think we’re old enough to handle glassware, because the majority of drinks were served in plastic cups. Don’t, I REPEAT DON’T, order Guinness in a bottle. They have it, but YOU can’t have it. This post is dedicated to Selznick, Hecht and Fleming.

Love, LaToya*
*may contain peanuts

Atlas Saloon

gfv 2:37 pm

Downtown Excelsior Springs, MO

Who knew that you could walk around the corner from Paradise Playhouse and the Hall of Waters and right into a little slice of dive bar heaven?? This gem is unfortunately located in Excelsior “Where the Hell is that?” Springs, but is one of the coolest old dives I’ve seen in awhile. Replete with a former Buzzard Beach regular bouncing, and fashion ranging from modern trailer park to Deliverance, Atlas is a teeming mess…I mean MASS…of humanity. The only problem I had with it was the thimble-sized plastic shot glasses. I feel grown up enough to do a full-sized shot. Oh, and the seriously racist owner – get a few in that guy and he’ll take you back to a simpler time. In the deep south. When people owned slaves. Yikes.

Patrick’s Bar and No Grill

ike 6:35 pm

8251 wornall
Kc, MO

Great Waldo hideaway! Friendly locals – it’s almost like not being in KC. Great prices, free food

once in awhile, and nine TVs for sports! Owner is always on site and a pleasant gent.

White Castle Sliders!!!

Lake House Pub

gfv 10:54 am

27909 E. Colbern Rd
Lees Summit, MO 64086

How I ended up way the hell out here I don’t know, but I’m glad I did. What do you get when you combine a bunch of bikers with a jewelry convention? Lake House Pub! This “biker” bar really has something for everyone. Fun, games, fear and loathing, not to mention they introduced me to my new favorite Jager concoction, the Jager Barrel. It’s all a little hazy after that, but I do remember live music, darts and smoking like it was my second full-time job (because you can actually smoke in there, praise Jesus).

*may cause eye and skin irritation

Peanut Downtown

gfv 3:15 pm

418 W 9th St.
Kansas City, Mo.

Dirty and dank, this place has all the charm of its Plaza counterpart, which is none. But the food is just as good, and it’s a little bigger (but not much). This crowd is eclectic covering the scene from overly paid white-collar preppy stuck-in-the-80s people to homeless guys cashing in their daily
collected change for a Hamms. Or PBR. Or Schlitz. In a can.

The Peanut

gfv 3:14 pm

5000 Main Street
Kansas City, Mo.

Located close to UMKC and the Country Club Plaza, this Peanut has a hoppin’ happy hour as well as a healthy late-night crowd. But this place is TINY, so seating can be hard to come by. Someone else has always bought my drinks here, so yeah, I guess it’s pretty cheap we are also allowed to use the vape pen inside. If you don’t try the wings or the Rueben, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Mike’s Tavern

gfv 7:42 pm

5424 Troost
Kansas City, Mo.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! It’s been painted and is slightly more cheerful
than the Darth Vader’s Basement it used to be. New food menu and live
music/DJs on a much roomier stage. Other than that, it’s a bar: booze,
food and games (not the kind your significant other plays with you). Monday nights are KCDrinker appreciation night. Mention at the door, and you won’t get punched in the face!


ike 12:02 pm

3941 Main Street A
Kansas City, Mo.

Let’s face it, it’s a damn Frat bar for UMKC, but it also has the cheapest shots and brand name beer in KC. It’s a beautiful old-looking bar and it’s dark enough you can’t see just how filthy it is. If Chris is working, you’re guaranteed a good time. Or, just bring along your own party. A true St. Patrick’s Day standard, and every night brings some of the strangest, “funnest” drink-tasting experiences Kansas City.


ike 10:38 am

1721 W 39th Street, Kansas City, Mo.

An Italian-owned Irish pub? Yep. This dive features hot ex-strippers tending bar, a fun (mostly) friendly regular crowd and bathrooms smaller than that broom closet in high school where you lost your virginity. However, they don’t cut you any deals on drink prices unless you’re a pimp, so prime the credit card for a bender at Gilhouly’s.

Davey’s Uptown

ike 9:53 am

3402 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo.

One of the best non-drinking stoner bartenders resides here. Tons of live local music, and reasonable drink prices. I am still in shock over the back bar remodel, it was such a dirty little corner of faded memories. But…moving on….