Patrick’s Bar and No Grill

ike 6:35 pm

8251 wornall
Kc, MO

Great Waldo hideaway! Friendly locals – it’s almost like not being in KC. Great prices, free food

once in awhile, and nine TVs for sports! Owner is always on site and a pleasant gent.

White Castle Sliders!!!

The Well

gfv 11:46 am

Waldo, next to Waldo Pizza (I’m hungover and I can’t find the exact address right now)

This newer Waldo bar seemingly sprang up overnight. It may be my new favorite bar. Awesome outdoor upstairs deck with umbrellas, ample, open seating downstairs, and a small back deck if you just have to smoke and the upstairs is packed. Is it a sports bar? Yes. Is it a martini bar? If that’s what you want. Is it a good place to eat? Yep – above and beyond “bar food”. Whether it’s PBR or fine wine, sports or picking up designer-label-wearing pumas you’re in the mood for, this joint has it. Clientele range from 21-71. I’m going to use my giant vocabulary now to sum it up: This place KICKS ASS.

*not recommended for children under 3

(Fin’s) Waldo Bar

gfv 2:22 pm

7438 Wornall Road
Kansas City, Mo.

It’s small, it’s a pretty dirty, and for a lot of regulars, it’s just not the same without ‘Scary Mary’ – one of KC’s more infamous bartenders. She nearly cut me off once, not for over-drinking, but because “huh uh, honey… you drank that last pitcher too slow!” When some guy popped the cue ball on the table, she came running from behind the bar with a hearty “Hey, you want me to pop your balls on the table like that? Then don’t do that to mine!” That’s when I knew Waldo would be one of my regular bars. (Special thanks to Scientist Ken)

Lew’s Bar & Grill

gfv 1:55 pm

7539 Wornall Rd
Kansas City, Mo

Another fine Waldo bar, Lew’s is typical in every way – narrow, dark, full of booze and serving mid-level bar food. The crowd is usually pretty mellow and it’s a nice time if you’re in the area. Also good for lunch.


ike 1:10 pm

7428 Washington
Kansas City, Mo.

WHOOPS. It burned down not too long ago. Now they’ve got a “temp” location open next to the lot under construction where, supposedly, a newer and grander version of this will be built. The temp bar kind of sucks. I wonder what island that last owner is on right now? And how big a yacht was he able to afford with the insurance money? The world may never know, but until they build a kinder, gentler Kennedy’s, we can’t really recommed this as much of a fun spot.

Charlie Hooper’s Brookside Bar

ike 9:29 am

12 W. 63rd, Kanas City, Mo.

Tired of the frat party at the Brooksider? Well it’s worse here. A nice, dark neighborhood bar and grill with outdoor seating at which you can enjoy your choice of international beers (they have, like, a hundred) and good appetizer specials at happy hour – but get there early. It gets ridiculously packed.

Bobby Baker’s Lounge

ike 9:13 am

7418 Wornall, KC, Mo.

There’s a big, round booth that’s so fun to sit in, you’ll never want to leave, especially after 12 shots of Jack Daniels. We met Bobby himself, and he’s just splendid. Never a bad bartender here, even though we don’t know all their names. Yet. This is a very fun neighborhood bar. It’s like a hallway with chairs and friendly patrons.

B B’s Lawnside Bar-B-Que

ike 8:41 am

1205 E 85th St Kansas City, Mo.

The bucket of PBRs for less than it costs to feed a starving child in Uganda is what got me to love the Pabst. Also, some of the best blues music in Kansas City, and excellent BBQ, need we say more? P.S. Stop stealing all of the valuable merchandise on the walls! It’s historical merchandise, you bastards!

75th Street Brewery

ike 8:33 am

520 W 75th St Kansas City, Mo.

Bar food taken to the next level, truly excellent. Great in-house brewed beers (when they’re not flat and warm). If you stay in the bar area, the crowd’s usually fun. If you try to venture away into the dining area, you get a lot of families with small children. And as much as I love small children, I can never eat a whole one.

Piano Room

ike 5:28 pm

8410 Wornall Rd
(816) 363-8722

The good news: It looks like it never left the 70s. The bad news: this
once-somewhat hot cabaret club is dying out. The concept is great, if you
love show tunes, but most nights this place is deader than a ghetto ho who
comes home without any money. It probably doesn’t help that it’s
sandwiched between Chinese takeout and a nail salon in a Price Chopper
strip mall. Still, the few patrons hanging around seem like nice enough